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1367. Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams (#15) def. 'Double A' Arnold Adams & Mr. Mississippi (#11) (TV)

Billed as Mr. Hyde and his mystery partner, the MVW was shocked to see A.J. come out as his partner five minutes into the match. Hyde held his own against the other two. A.J. came in and cleared the ring. The match ended after Hyde hit the Adams Atomic Drop on Arnold then A.J. tagged himself in and nailed the Hyde and Seek on his father, getting the pinfall. After the match, A.J. grabbed the microphone and told the All-American Alcoholics there was one down and a dozen more to go.
This was Aaron Adams' first match as a referee.

1368. Garrett Marshall (#35) def. Jeff Lindberg (#31)

1369. Hank Marshall (#32) def. 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas (#23)

Adidas brought a chair into the ring to take Hank out, but Hank regained control of the match and nailed a piledriver onto the chair for the win as Garrett distracted the referee.

1370. White Wolf (#25) def. Travis Canby (#29)

1371. Troy Canby (#24) def. Grey Wolf (#22)

1372. Loki (#36) def. Andrew Adams (#30)

1373. Mr. Tennessee (#16) def. Good Time Charlie (#28)

1374. Norsemen (#5) def. Mississippi's Most Wanted (#4) (TV)

1375. Non-Title Match: Ghetto Gang (#1) def. All-American Alcoholics (#7)

1376. MVW Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Hyde (#1) def. 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (#7) (champion) (TV) NEW CHAMPION